How I got a bigger penis with Phallosan

When women obsess about their breasts or about a tad bit of meat on their hips or behind, there is no convincing them that we do not care about that. Us men love all kinds of breasts and we really do not mind if a woman gains a few pounds. It makes her more womanly and lovely. However, when we reverse it, women are also incapable to convince us that they do not really care about the size of our penis. I should know, I have heard enough of those claims. Yes, I had quite a below average penis and I have heard a lot of this.

When you are little, you do not care about stuff like that. You are worrying about every day issues and you do not even consider that one day you will have to show your penis to the “girls” and that you will feel ashamed because it is not as big as other men’s are. However, as years creep up on you, you discover what a huge problem it is, please don’t mind the pun. Namely, as you discover the world of light petting, heavy petting, manual work, oral work and proper, complete sex, you realize that a small penis is something that could ruin your life.

Now, I never let this stop me from enjoying sex. I would dive in head first (not literally) and I would do my best with what I had, which was not that much, believe me. It was below average, but nothing too critical. Still, I did my best and even though I would catch a glance here and there, I would not mind it. I am sure I looked at women whose vaginas I didn’t find too attractive in the same way. Also, I believed that I made up for it with my performance.

And then I met the woman of my life. We knew each other for years, but it took us some time to realize that we are made for each other. We started going out and on the first night we spent together, she told me something I was trying to avoid all those years. When I asked her if she minds the size of my penis, she said that it wouldn’t hurt if it was a bit bigger. Thicker, in fact. She said that she could use a bit thicker penis. I loved her honesty. I fell I love with her there and then. I am strange a bit, I know.

The next thing was to try and find a way to make this happen without surgery or anything invasive like that. I discovered these penis extenders online and I liked what I saw. I especially liked the one called Phallosan, because it was aimed at people who wanted thickness as well as the length. It has to do with the fact it is using vacuum and not rings that stretch out the penis. This way it works in width and in length. I ordered it and started using my Phallosan device. I was very worried that it would be as comfortable as having a truck pull at my penis, but to my surprise, it was more like wearing a sock on your penis, or a condom, which would have been a much better metaphor.

In any case, Phallosan worked like a charm for me. In less than a year, my penis was substantially thicker and it was both visible and palpable. My girlfriend loved it. She was over the moon with it. Also, an inch and a half that I gained in length also didn’t hurt a bit.