Different types of penis enlargement techniques

There really are numerous approaches that can be done concerning penis enlargement. The effects that you can get from them would depend on the procedure that you will choose. Most of the effects that we can see when using those devices, penis enlargement pills and exercises are all nothing but temporary and the only way to achieve a lasting result is by choosing to undergo a surgery.

The use of pumps

Pumps which are also known as vacuums are one of those devices that were created to aid in penis-related concerns. These devices work by putting it above the penis and once it is there air is being drained from the device which in return will create added pressure to the penis. It will then suck the air in the penile area which will result to the blood around it to be forced around the penis which is the reason why you may notice that the size indeed has increased.

After the pumping, the ring-like device will then be placed at the base portion of the penis in order for the effect to last for a long time. Since the effect of this is only temporary, a maximum 24 hour result can be observed. The same procedure may be performed again every time that you think you need it.

Medications and drugs

Another type of solution to  penis enlargement concerns that you may see on the Internet are the use of penis enlargement pills and other drugs that are said to give its user the effect of a longer and bigger penis. These products do not have any approval from FDA and with this comes the different risks of using these types of products. The ingredients that may make up the contents of the pills are unknown and this reason may cause more serious issues for its user.

A word of precaution though is that in case you decide to use any of these medications or pills, they will not work without help of any of the other devices or exercises. So even if those advertisements out there will tell you that the pills or medications contain sexual hormones which are known to help increase the size and length of the these pills, you should not believe them. There is not a single medication or pill which has medical data to back up any of the said claims.


Surgery is so far the only known treatment to different penis-related problems which has medical basis. This surgery involves cutting the penis and placing devices to make it bigger and longer. Even if this is done by licensed medical professionals, it still does not give any assurance that it will not have any risks that may go along with it.

Some of the known risks that go with undergoing the surgery are the infection and complications that it may bring. Since the surgery involves cutting, foreign objects and microorganisms may actually go inside it which may cause infection. There are also reports of impotence that patients have experienced after undergoing the said procedure.