Diabetes and the Sexual Health of Men

Diabetes can have several effects on a man’s sex life. Impotence and reduced sexual feeling are unfortunately two very common occurrences. Other factors that diabetes causes are premature ejaculation as well as weakened erections.

If you have diabetes and desire a healthy sex life, diet and exercise along with proper blood glucose level maintenance will improve your chances. It is also important to make your partner aware of your issues through healthy discussion. A patient partner can be the best way to achieve a better sex life when living with diabetes. Because of the nature of diabetes, blood vessels and nerves can be impaired. The longer one lives with diabetes, the more likely sexual dysfunction will occur.

Talk to your doctor about what you can do to maintain a healthy sex life. There may be medicines or adjustments to medicines that can be made to improve sex. Diabetes can also cause a great amount of stress that can manifest in physical and mental problems. Speaking with a counselor may also help to relieve some of that stress.

Along with healthier living, with good diet and exercise, men that are diabetic can also try creams, herbal supplements and prescribed medications to maintain stronger erections. There are also devices that can be utilized and in severe cases, there are surgeries that can be performed.

Creams and health supplements can be purchased at a number of places online. These are most often used to increase libido as well as the strength of an erection. Some of these supplements and creams can also increase the duration of an erection  It is important to research the type of supplements that will best fit your specific needs.