Bathmate Review – Will The Hydro Pump Work for You?

If you are not satisfied with your size you are probably looking for natural alternatives. The Bathmate male enhancement pump has become a popular choice amongst many men. What you should be asking is why? In this Bathmate review, you will get all the answers you need. For many men the hydro pump is part of their penis enlargement routine. The water pump seems to compliment PE exercises. It all sounds very good, but will it work for you? If you invest in this device will it give you the results you are looking for? When we say results, we’re talking about realistic 1-3 inch gains.

What Is The Bathmate Hydo Pump?

The Bathmate is a penis enlargement pump that works in water during a bath or shower. I am guessing you already know that. It can be used without water but it works best with it. The pump is filled with water and placed on a semi erect penis. As you pump the device it creates a vacuum which causes the penis to stretch. From previous use we have seen the water allows the penis to expand without bending or bulging as some other air based pumps have done.The device is manufactured by a company called UM Products based in the UK. This is one of the first penile enhancement pumps that works in water. The Bathmate has been around for a few years now and seems to have established a name for itself. So much so that in the early days they introduced the Goliath and Hercules models only. Now they have the Hydromax X30 and X40 also. More on the models later.

Bathmate Review – What Sort of Results Can You Expect?

If you read any review on the bathmate you will notice how people talk about fast gains especially in comparison to other natural enhancement techniques. If you have done any sort of weight training, you will experience something called muscle pump. This is temporary where muscles gain size from more blood into the muscle fibres and tissues. When you work the muscle more with adequate nutrition and recovery over time you notice an increase in size. The penis reacts to regular pumping in a similar way.

When you use the hydro pump the first time you will experience a similar reaction. More blood pumped into the penis increasing the width and length of the penis. You should notice a 1/2 inch increase in length and about 1/2 inch increase in girth. Of course this is temporary gains which go after a couple of hours. But the key point to note is the expansion of the chambers in the penis with regular blood supply through pumping.

The fact is if you exercise the penile organ, the muscle will react by growing. You will feel the penile pump produces only temporary results which to a certain extent it does but it also helps you gain permanent increase in size. Over time you can expect an increase between 1-3 inches. From regular use myself and from various peoples experiences you are more likely to see gains in girth when compared to length. If you are looking for strictly length gains, you may wish to considers penis stretchers also known as extenders.

For most of you reading this regular use of the bathmate can help you get a thicker, stronger penis with better erection. As mentioned earlier combining the pump with penis enlargement exercise may help you attain more size. If you are new to natural penis enlargement always get an accurate measurement of your current size. Then record your size at regular intervals to see any changes. Once a month is perfectly fine.

Bathmate Before and After – How To Use The Device

The following is a video illustrating how to use the Bath mate. For the best results it’s important to follow the advice given by the manufacturers. Before you use the bathmate try and get the penis at least semi erect. Having a warm shower before using the bath mate will help you do this. Once slight erection is attained simply fill the hydro pump and press against the pubic bone. Here are some tips for you.

  • You don’t need to use it for the full 20 minutes. You can use it for even 5 minutes per day during shower to start seeing results. 
  • Don’t forcefully press against the pubic bone when pumping this will cause injuries.
  • Always clean the device after use and dry thoroughly. A small amount of moisture can cause moulding to occur inside the pump.
  • If you can do not buy the device second hand. Try to get a brand new official bathmate from a trustworthy supplier!

Different Models Available

The bath mate is available in 3 different models catered for men of various size. They are as follows.


If you have a small to average penis size the hercules is for you. The hercules comes in 3 colours and red, clear and blue. Most men will fit into the hercules and can always buy a bigger pump if and when later required.


Came out at the same time as the Hercules. This is the bigger version of the pump. If you have outgrown the Hercules or just need a bigger pump from the outset get a goliath. Both the Hercules and Goliath are the original pumps that were released a few years back.


The bath mate hydromax edition came out in 2012. This is largely to meet the requirements of existing users needs and of course make the pump better. What makes the hydromax better than it’s predecessors?  Well it’s supposed to be more powerful in terms of suction. The hydromax comes with a slightly wider gaiter and a better comfort padding which is inserted onto the gaiter. You can also clean the hydromax by detaching the pump from the bellows. Before you would need specific cleaning brushes to reach hard to clean areas. The hydromax comes in the x30 and x40 series. Similar to the hercules and goliath, you can choose the right one for you.