ProExtender test results

In a relationship, sexual satisfaction is a major factor. The size of the penis is one of the key issues that may relate to the esteem and performance. For this reason proextender plays a key role in enhancing the male esteem and thereby better performance.

This is a device that helps in enlargement of the penis and free of medication thereby proving to be a natural solution that curbs very mans esteem hence better performance and satisfaction of both partners.

To feel a man enough requires ability to perform sexually, penile size is a major setback and the available solutions come with implications. While surgery and use of drugs may be a solution, health factors and implications are also a consideration. It is for this reason that proextender offers a more natural approach and solution that works well and offers guaranteed solution.

How does the ProExtender work?

A proextender is a device that is attached to the penis and facilitates its growth to be a bigger organ. It comes as a unit that is affixed to the penis. The set contains a manual that has instruction on safe use and application. They include set up and fixing instructions that are easy to use and follow without need for assistance from medical practitioners. It works using a traction force that is applied on the penis gently hence no pain or health implications can occur. Thus no surgery or medication required in the process of its use. You can buy the ProExtender en a store that sells adult toys in omaha.

Proextender offers a natural penile enlargement process that follows a two week review until the desired size is attained. It is applicable with patients irrespective of individual penile size as long as an individual considers the size to be small and inadequate to satisfy sexual partner. This is alongside providing a positive platform for high esteem for the man as a performer. It is an ideal solution for better relationships and marriages.

How I got a bigger penis with Phallosan

When women obsess about their breasts or about a tad bit of meat on their hips or behind, there is no convincing them that we do not care about that. Us men love all kinds of breasts and we really do not mind if a woman gains a few pounds. It makes her more womanly and lovely. However, when we reverse it, women are also incapable to convince us that they do not really care about the size of our penis. I should know, I have heard enough of those claims. Yes, I had quite a below average penis and I have heard a lot of this.

When you are little, you do not care about stuff like that. You are worrying about every day issues and you do not even consider that one day you will have to show your penis to the “girls” and that you will feel ashamed because it is not as big as other men’s are. However, as years creep up on you, you discover what a huge problem it is, please don’t mind the pun. Namely, as you discover the world of light petting, heavy petting, manual work, oral work and proper, complete sex, you realize that a small penis is something that could ruin your life.

Now, I never let this stop me from enjoying sex. I would dive in head first (not literally) and I would do my best with what I had, which was not that much, believe me. It was below average, but nothing too critical. Still, I did my best and even though I would catch a glance here and there, I would not mind it. I am sure I looked at women whose vaginas I didn’t find too attractive in the same way. Also, I believed that I made up for it with my performance.

And then I met the woman of my life. We knew each other for years, but it took us some time to realize that we are made for each other. We started going out and on the first night we spent together, she told me something I was trying to avoid all those years. When I asked her if she minds the size of my penis, she said that it wouldn’t hurt if it was a bit bigger. Thicker, in fact. She said that she could use a bit thicker penis. I loved her honesty. I fell I love with her there and then. I am strange a bit, I know.

The next thing was to try and find a way to make this happen without surgery or anything invasive like that. I discovered these penis extenders online and I liked what I saw. I especially liked the one called Phallosan, because it was aimed at people who wanted thickness as well as the length. It has to do with the fact it is using vacuum and not rings that stretch out the penis. This way it works in width and in length. I ordered it and started using my Phallosan device. I was very worried that it would be as comfortable as having a truck pull at my penis, but to my surprise, it was more like wearing a sock on your penis, or a condom, which would have been a much better metaphor.

In any case, Phallosan worked like a charm for me. In less than a year, my penis was substantially thicker and it was both visible and palpable. My girlfriend loved it. She was over the moon with it. Also, an inch and a half that I gained in length also didn’t hurt a bit.

FDA Approved Penis Enhancement Pills Are They Safe

There are countless different penis enlargement pills available today. Many of which claim to be totally safe and of course they would. The companies are trying to sell their product, so they’re going to say things like “the only no side effect male enhancement pill” and “100% safe”, but are these claims true? Are these penis enlargement pills truly safe?

Many male enhancement products on the market offer enhanced sexual function and even gains in terms of penis length and girth. You should, however, be careful as doctors have studied these products and found a large number to be highly deceptive and even life-threatening if you already struggling with specific health conditions.

A few years ago, some of these products were entirely removed from the market after sildenafil was found to be one of the ingredients in these drugs. Sildenafil (Viagra) is a common ingredient used in treatments aimed at erectile dysfunction. The problem was that men who were already struggling with heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure and therefore on certain medication could suffer from severe blood pressure drops if they were to also ingest the sildenafil.

As a rule of thumb, always run things past your doctor before starting a male enhancement supplement. Some combinations of medications are very dangerous, for example, the combination of sildenafil and nitrates can even be deadly.

So what about FDA Approved Penis Enhancement Pills: Are they safe? Getting your hands on an FDA approved supplement will definitely give you far more confidence and allow you to enjoy the benefits of the product far more. FDA approved supplements do deliver on what they promise and can be trusted. To make sure that a product is actually FDA approved you need to judge it on a few criteria:

· Labels – The labels on the packaging should give a comprehensive list of the ingredients found in the product. If it does not, it could not have been FDA approved.

· FDA Warning – Check with the FDA if they have issued any warnings against the specific product. There is an FDA team who monitor supplements on the market to ensure that they do what they say they do and that citizens are kept safe.

· Do Your Research – Learn about the industry before jumping in, research various offerings and aim for FDA approved products only. Check NCAAM for their latest scientific findings and stay on top of what’s safe and what isn’t.

· Speak to Your Doctor – Your doctor is there to help. Speak to him or her and check whether or not they have more information or advice for you.

Be sure to find an FDA approved penis enlargement pill as these would have undergone rigorous testing and aren’t going to surprise you with a nasty side-effect down the line. There are many advantages to choosing an FDA approved supplement:

· Far safer than random penis enlargement products on the market.

· Deliver on the promises made.

· No side effects.

· Available through trusted online retailers.

· Often provide free shipping.

· Often provide a money back guarantee.

Looking for a decent male enhancement supplement can be hard enough without all of the safety concerns. Be sure to only consider FDA approved products so as to mitigate your risk and enjoy the benefits of what you pay for.

Facts about Virility Ex pill

Since the pills are made out of natural ingredients there are no side effects or any other long terms effects that would harm the body. The pills work in a natural way by boosting your metabolism and driving more blood to the penis to achieve a stronger and a longer erection time. Virility Ex male enhancement pills use various FDA approved and recommended herbs that are natural and safe. A special supplement of Virility Ex is formulated through the mixture of various herbs like oat straw and tribulus terrestis that are very essential ingredients in order to gain a lot of momentum and sexual urge.

Virility Ex does not only help in increasing your sexual urge, sperm count and erection period, but also helps you gain more stamina by increasing your body metabolism naturally which means that you will not feel tired and drained out even after having a long sex session with your partner. The natural composition of Virility Ex helps in shedding excessive fats inside your body and helps to promote more muscles and body tissues in a natural way.

Many men are in that place in their lives in which they wish that their penis was bigger. Many times a small penis can lead many men to feel less confident and have social problems that are a result of feeling inferior to other men that they are surrounded by. It is this that leads many men to find out just what they can do in order to make their penis bigger. However, they are going to find that there are so many pills and methods that they can use that it is hard to do anything that they feel is going to work for them.

With that being said, most men are eager to have pills that they can take in order to make sure that they are growing their penis to the size that they want. One of the pills on the market that several men are eager to try out is Virility Ex. This is something that has been selling on the market and selling very well for men that have been using this. Is this something that men should try? Most definitely since they are going to find that there are several benefits to using this.

There are many benefits to using Virility Ex when compared to other penis pills that are on the market. These benefits include:

  • 100% Natural
  • Increases Penis Size
  • Increases Sexual Urge
  • Long Lasting Erection
  • Increases Stamina
  • Sheds Excess Fat
  • Promotes Muscles
  • Medically Approved
  • Better Sex Drive

There is also the added benefit that the company is so set that this is going to be a penis pill that will work that they include a 60 day money back guarantee for men that are using this product. In most cases, men saw improvements in the first month of using this. The main thing that most men are worried about is that they are going to experience side effects. However, the good news is that the majority of men that were studied, no side effects were reported. This is something that should make most men feel as though they are getting a great deal.

Overall, the Virility Ex is something that can make men see great results in the length and width of their penis. They are going to find that this improvement in size is something that is going to give men more confidence in their lives and lead to overall a better life. In the end it is something that the man will want to give a try if he is serious about increasing the size of his penis.

All You Need to Know about Extenze Pills

Extenze is a popular brand in US which produces various types of male enhancement products and Extenze pills are one of them. These pills are popular among people who want to enlarge their penis not only in length but in girth also along with providing them long lasting erection as they are found safe and reliable. The facts about these pills provided in this write-up will help you in buying a suitable male enhancer for your personal use.  

Introduction to Extenze pills

American company has produced Extenze pills under the guidance of medical experts to help people in improving the size of erected penis significantly. It has been proved through various tests and researches that these pills provide enhance the size of your penis not only in length but also in thickness by taking them only once a day with meals. So you can use it for your personal male enhancement as most of its users have found them effective. Though the increase in size of penis may vary from person to person but one thing is certain that the enhancement made by these pills will last for longer period of time by taking them at least for two months regularly.

Working of Extenze pills

The effectiveness of Extenze pills is 100% guaranteed as they are approved by medical practitioners and doctors for enhancing the size of the penis. They make the penis longer, thicker and harder at the time of erection by increasing the flow of blood in the penis. Along with increasing the size of the penis they also help in increasing the time of ejaculation, if you are suffering from premature ejaculation.

Other facts about Extenze pills

Some facts about Extenze pills provided here under can help you in making up your mind to buy them and use them to experience their effect on your sexual life. They are considered to be the best male enhancement pills than others because:

  • · Extenze pills are made of natural ingredients with unique formula and no drugs are used to them
  • · They are approved by qualified medical practitioners.
  • · They are easy to consume with food being in pill form
  • · They are risk-free pills as company supports them 60 days money back guarantee
  • · They are affordable as their price is cheaper than others
  • · Doctor’s prescription is not required to buy them
  • · They are effective and have helped a large number of people suffering from erectile and premature ejaculation problems
  • · No side effect is the best feature of these pills.

Comparison of Extenze pills with its rivals

While comparing the reviews of the users of Extenze pills and other male enhancement products it is normally noticed that these pills have proved to be better than most of them. Most of the other products in this regard have several side effects of various degrees. No need of doctor’s prescription to buy these pills is another remarkable benefit that makes them better than others.

You can avoid opting for expensive and complicated procedure like surgery to enhance the size of your penis or curing erection problems by using these erection pills. Surgical penile implants are not only expensive but painful also, like other surgeries. You can avoid these difficulties by buying and consuming these easy to take male enhancement pills.

Some people use certain erection devices like vacuum pump to enhance the size of their penis. Most of these devices are impractical and embarrass the users when their partner rejects them. The users of these devices find them effective initially but after some time they lose their effect in their erection and strength of penis. In this way, Extenze pills are much effective than any male enhancement device as they are found continuously effective by their users.

Other male enhancement procedures tried by people before the introduction of Extenze pills were found by their users as much hectic, expensive and painful. They switched to these pills at the first instance as they came to know about their benefits and effectiveness. Money back guarantee and no side effect are the most promising features of these pills for which anyone can opt to use them for the enhancement of their penis. You don’t have to worry about anything at the time of buying as No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee is there.  

Where to buy Extenze pills

Though you can buy Extenze pills from any online or offline store but the first thing to be considered is that you buy original and authentic pills. Some fake products with similar look and design are also available in the market these days. So beware of them while buying these pills. Whether you buy them online or from the ground store, you should buy them from a reliable and trusted dealer instead of buying from the dealer who offers maximum discounts. Many online stores offer great discounts on Extenze pills, but you should buy them from the store you are familiar with. Relying on unknown dealer may cost you dearer as their product can harm your health instead of curing your problems.

Side effects of Extenze pills

Though no side effect of Extenze pills has been reported so far as they are approved by the doctors and made from natural ingredients but still there can be certain negative effects of these pills depending upon individual’s nature and physical structure. No report of any side effect of these natural male enhancement pills reduces the chances of any recall or investigation against them. The 100% natural ingredients of these pills give peace of mind to their users. In case you experience some negative effect of these pills then you can consult your doctor to get his advice in this regard.

Thus after going through the review of Extenze pills given in this write-up it can easily be decided whether you should buy them to enhance the size of your penis as well as cure the problem of premature ejaculation or not. These pills are effective and safe as their effectiveness and safety can be ensured on the basis of a number of researches and tests conducted by the medical experts till date.

Lifestyle Changes Which can Help You Solve the Issue of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man is unable to maintain erection during intercourse. This is a condition that is called as impotence and can affect men in a very drastic manner as most of the men consider erection as the primary factor that influence the confidence in them. They do not find themselves manly if they do not enjoy sex and it is also something which should be treated otherwise life may look very depressing. Here are few ways through which this condition can be treated through making minor changes in your lifestyle. 

Losing Weight 

Obesity can act as a villain which may result in erectile dysfunction and if you try to lose weight there are chances that you can have better sexual performance achieved through that. When it is about losing weight, making sure that you adopt some methods which are healthy and safe for you rather than starving or sticking to a diet that do not actually suite your lifestyle. It is necessary to lose the extra pounds in your body but be wise when you are doing the same so that you do not harm yourself. 

Quit Smoking 

Smoking is really a very bad habit which can out you in real problem. It can affect you health and sexual performance badly and it should be kept in control else you may find it hard to have the same performance in bed. All that you need to do is to put an end to this unhealthy habit. If you think that it has become an addiction that is very hard for you to get rid of then you should slowly make use of some of the methods to get rid of this habit to keep yourself in proper and better form. Try to make sure that things can work fine for you and enjoy well if you actually get rid of it. Putting some effort for the same is not an issue and may need some hardships to be faced but can make you at least gain what you need the most. 

Managing Stress and Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety cannot be avoided as it has become part of our lives. Most of the jobs may come with load of pressure and stress that things cannot be really very fine for you. It is the time when you should start thinking. It is advised that you try to get yourself involved in some activities so that you manage this stress and anxiety that are pouring on you. The stress and anxiety can really make you go to a weird condition which can be harder to deal with. You can do meditation, yoga or even get indulged in your favorite hobby for managing the stress and make yourself feel great and better. Always ensure that your have great level of comfort even when your work is stressful, you get a way to control your mind in such a way that you feel calm. 


Exercising is the activity which can help you in having better blood flow in the body. If you are really interested in exercising the regular way you can go for the same. If you think it is so boring then be part of a game or do an activity which is something that can make you feel engaged. The best ways you can do exercise is by walking, jogging, running, swimming ,cycling. You can even be part of a football, basketball or volleyball team so that you can get indulged in exercise without being in the monotonous way. 

Treatment for Alcohol and Substance Abuse 

Substance abuse and alcohol are one of the major causes for erectile dysfunction. If you have such kind of addictions and you find it hard to get rid off the same then it is a sign that you should go for treatment so that you can come out of it and have a better and enjoyable life. The medicines and the initial days of the treatments can be hard but it is something that you are doing for better cause. Healthy living, healthy food and life habits can make you fit and a powerful man in all sense.

Does VigRX Plus really work

Penis enlargement pills have got lots of attention lately concerning the characteristic of whether they do or do not improve the penis size. Many people agree with the penis pill scam side of the argument, but still there has also been a large people contingent who stood by the male enhancement pills effectiveness to make a big penis.

A combination of approaches works in a penis pill to enlarge the penis. The primary and foremost principle is that an erection is received when there is an enhanced the flow of blood in to the corpora cavernosa, the twin chambers that run through the midst of the penis. The blood holding capacity of the corpora cavernosa decides the size and hardness of an erection. By enhancing the blood holding capacity of the corpora cavernosa, real male enhancement is attained.

The 2nd principle in the penis pills is the penile tissue that surrounds the corpora cavernosa must carry the expansion ability with cell division and multiplication taking place. When cell stretching takes place due to the enhanced the flow of blood in to the corpora cavernosa, cells of the penile tissue are extended and then divide. Once divided cells then strengthen and again divide, leading to a growth and strengthening of the penile tissue.

Penis enlargement pills have attained an overnight hit with the advent of online buying. The thought of a simple pill taken every day to enhance penis size, got the imagination of many men and rapidly it was booming business. Nevertheless, wherever there’s cash to be made, scam products made to generate unreasonable profits will surface, and also the penis pill market wasn’t different create many brands that were simply inadequate to generate any gains.

There are however few pills that have managed their reputation and are existing in the market test of time and which have been proven to be very effecient in developing penis gains. VigRx is natural product pill that has improved the many men lives worldwide, merely by being able to carry on its promises of a bigger penis. VigRx is just one of the best natural male enhancement supplements available and should be used by any man who wishes to boost his sex-life through his penis enlargement.

Different types of penis enlargement techniques

There really are numerous approaches that can be done concerning penis enlargement. The effects that you can get from them would depend on the procedure that you will choose. Most of the effects that we can see when using those devices, penis enlargement pills and exercises are all nothing but temporary and the only way to achieve a lasting result is by choosing to undergo a surgery.

The use of pumps

Pumps which are also known as vacuums are one of those devices that were created to aid in penis-related concerns. These devices work by putting it above the penis and once it is there air is being drained from the device which in return will create added pressure to the penis. It will then suck the air in the penile area which will result to the blood around it to be forced around the penis which is the reason why you may notice that the size indeed has increased.

After the pumping, the ring-like device will then be placed at the base portion of the penis in order for the effect to last for a long time. Since the effect of this is only temporary, a maximum 24 hour result can be observed. The same procedure may be performed again every time that you think you need it.

Medications and drugs

Another type of solution to  penis enlargement concerns that you may see on the Internet are the use of penis enlargement pills and other drugs that are said to give its user the effect of a longer and bigger penis. These products do not have any approval from FDA and with this comes the different risks of using these types of products. The ingredients that may make up the contents of the pills are unknown and this reason may cause more serious issues for its user.

A word of precaution though is that in case you decide to use any of these medications or pills, they will not work without help of any of the other devices or exercises. So even if those advertisements out there will tell you that the pills or medications contain sexual hormones which are known to help increase the size and length of the these pills, you should not believe them. There is not a single medication or pill which has medical data to back up any of the said claims.


Surgery is so far the only known treatment to different penis-related problems which has medical basis. This surgery involves cutting the penis and placing devices to make it bigger and longer. Even if this is done by licensed medical professionals, it still does not give any assurance that it will not have any risks that may go along with it.

Some of the known risks that go with undergoing the surgery are the infection and complications that it may bring. Since the surgery involves cutting, foreign objects and microorganisms may actually go inside it which may cause infection. There are also reports of impotence that patients have experienced after undergoing the said procedure.

Diabetes and the Sexual Health of Men

Diabetes can have several effects on a man’s sex life. Impotence and reduced sexual feeling are unfortunately two very common occurrences. Other factors that diabetes causes are premature ejaculation as well as weakened erections.

If you have diabetes and desire a healthy sex life, diet and exercise along with proper blood glucose level maintenance will improve your chances. It is also important to make your partner aware of your issues through healthy discussion. A patient partner can be the best way to achieve a better sex life when living with diabetes. Because of the nature of diabetes, blood vessels and nerves can be impaired. The longer one lives with diabetes, the more likely sexual dysfunction will occur.

Talk to your doctor about what you can do to maintain a healthy sex life. There may be medicines or adjustments to medicines that can be made to improve sex. Diabetes can also cause a great amount of stress that can manifest in physical and mental problems. Speaking with a counselor may also help to relieve some of that stress.

Along with healthier living, with good diet and exercise, men that are diabetic can also try creams, herbal supplements and prescribed medications to maintain stronger erections. There are also devices that can be utilized and in severe cases, there are surgeries that can be performed.

Creams and health supplements can be purchased at a number of places online. These are most often used to increase libido as well as the strength of an erection. Some of these supplements and creams can also increase the duration of an erection  It is important to research the type of supplements that will best fit your specific needs.

Curved Penis Correction Surgery

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition in which the penis becomes curved. Although there are no known causes for the disease, about three percent of the male population has been affected by the disease.

surgical procedure has been developed to correct severe cases of curving or bending of the penis. This procedure is called the Nesbit Procedure. The Nesbit Procedure is used to correct curving of the penis, by filling the penis with a sterile physiologic salt solution. This solution causes an artificial erection. The outer side of the curve is then clamped which forces the penis to straighten.

In some cases, an implant alone will correct the curvature. In other cases, an implant is combined with a technique consisting of incisions and grafting. This is used only if the implant alone does not straighten the curvature.

Although the straightening procedure works, it has been reported to cause a slight shortening of the penis! After the procedure, the patient is instructed on how to care for the surgical site, by cleaning and changing bandages, and also told to avoid sex until the wound is completely healed.

This is a relatively simple and safe procedure, although any surgical procedure does carry risks. If you feel that you are a candidate for the Nesbit Procedure, then consult your doctor, and gather as much information as possible prior to making a decision to undergo surgery.

For less invasive correction of your curved penis, see more about using a traction device and exercise program to straighten your penis.